In her 6 x 9 series, Gundula Friese’ s artistic focus is on the bodies of pregnant women, captured on Polaroidmaterial. Naked, curled up on the sofa, these women present their curved, languished and outstretched bodies to the eye of the beholder in a playful manner, resulting in nine varying poses liberating the bodies’ shapes, arranged in juxtaposition by the artist to that effect. Framed by their sofas’ forms, and without any supplementary artifice, each pose becomes a form within the form when the tender feminine curves harmonise or contrast with the structure they are in. Gundula Friese subsequently produced the portrayals of six women, each featuring nine different postures showing changing conditions from solitude to cheerfulness, hereby making tangible the relation of every woman to the temporarily altered outline of her body.

--Valérie Fougeirol  (Paris, 2011)